Do you ever hear about “Social Engineering”?

What you first thing when you heard that word for the first time? Thinking about your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter account, Right?

There are more ways to hack but Social Engineering is the most powerful and effective attack for hackers.

So, today I only talk about a little bit about this topic. 

When I talk about Social Engineering from a malicious perspective, it can break down into the following four vectors

SMiShing (Phishing through text messages) A simple SMS will send to you from any security department and ask to click on the link. After clicking the link you will hacked without doing anything.

Vishing (Phishing through voice calling)

It is a easy and very profitable for the attacker. It is also nearly impossible to locate the attacker with number which is spoofed calling from outside the country. 

See an example, how attackers hack through by calling

Phishing (Phishing through email)
Maybe you already know the term. Phishing is the most used social engineering attack. Phishing is by far the most dangerous of the four main attack.


Md Rashed Bin Kuddus

Experienced Head Of Marketing with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Skilled in Microsoft Word, Graphic Design, Adobe Photoshop, Consulting, and Marketing. Strong marketing professional with a Bachelor's degree focused on Computer Science from Jiangxi Normal University.