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Everyone in Bangladesh after the Covid19 pandemic trying to recover their financial crisis.

Maybe you are one of them. If I ask you a question, what you realize about earning money online when you were in quarantine? Say your answer in the comment section.

Let’s discuss our topic:

What do you need to start now?

  • Hold the breath for one month
  • A little investment
  • Smart Phone
  • A little bit of Marketing & Sales skill

How to start?

Simply go to the new market, Dhaka, or your nearest big wholesale market.

Look for 2 types of product

  1. Unique but demandable
  2. Custom regular type

Let’s say, you choose Ladies tops & pants
Then talk with the wholesaler about pricing and try to build relationships with them.
Stock some leggings, jeggings & tops.
Jeggings (30pcs X 220) = 6600
Leggings (30pcs X 90) = 2700
Tops (20pcs X 60) = 1200
Total = 10500TK (Note it is an estimate price)

Create your online shop:

Don’t worry, I’m not asking to create an e-commerce website.
Just create a Facebook page and an Instagram account.
Use canva to create a simple logo and graphics.

Take picture of your product:

Don’t be afraid to use your smartphone.
A tripod will be better for photo consistency.
Choose natural light for real look. Most of the time customers will ask for real picture. So don’t worry about it too much.
If you want to give a professional brand look then go for brand photography. (its up to you, but don’t waste to much time)

Edit your picture:

You don’t need photoshop for editing just use your smartphone and common sense.
Use size 1080 X 1080 for Instagram and any portrait size for Facebook. Also, a little bit of color adjustment is enough.

You should post stories for both Instagram & Facebook.

Remember, color & size should be accurate to get customer satisfaction

Create your caption and Research hashtags:

 To create awesome caption for your post just go to your competitors page and study a bit.
If you don’t know who is your competitor just search for your product name in the search bar. Go to a page that sells your related product and copy them.
And if you are that smart you can create awesome caption create it on your own.
Use emoji for caption.  You can study more here.
Now, for Instagram you need to research hashtag. Its important to use hashtags for every post. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post.
Learn more about how to research hashtag for your post. 
Color & size should be accurate to get  customer satisfaction

The right hashtags can put you in front of your target audience, even if they haven’t connected with you before.

Post your product:

Post on Facebook everyday between 11.00am-1.00pm & 5.00pm-7.00pm (Its my opinion). Learn more about best time to post on social media
If you got confused please just post when you want.
For Facebook & Instagram post single photo for product and use gallery post on Facebook and carousel post on Instagram for marketing purpose.

Marketing for your business

There are many ways to do marketing for your business. I’ll share one which had worked for me. Or you can try your own marketing strategy.
  • Go for Facebook & Instagram live (If you can). It is the most successful marketing strategy for Bangladeshi market. If you don’t want to show your face then just show your product. DON’T BE SHY TO DO MARKETING 
  • Join Buy & Sell group on Facebook. Follow influencer and hashtag on Instagram.
  • Do some Facebook & Instagram Boosting. If you do not know how then you can contact My Digital Consultant to do that for you. 

A Video to Understand the Facebook Business

Khalid Farhan is an Entrepreneur who runs a six-figure business online. Also, he is my mentor. He can explain a complex marketing technic so easily that can understand by anyone.

Note: I’ll update this article day by day with sell data. I use this formula to run a simple business. You can search it by Women’s Fashion House BD on Facebook. 


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